5 Popular Long Living Room Ideas

Long living room ideas with fireplace

5 Popular Long Living Room Ideas – Decorating a long living room should not be too wasteful and expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you can always do it yourself instead of hiring an interior designer; But if you can afford to hire a designer, so why not. Then you can plans ahead and also check out the designs on the internet or magazines to visualize the effect on your actual living room. Here are some of the popularlong living room ideas that you might find on the internet and in home design magazines:

Long living room ideas with fireplace
  1. Classic-modern Design is one of most common the long living room ideas. The House has a modern design classic style-enjoy the most relaxing and feel the texture of the living space. If you have a very sharp-edged geometric or, tightening and softening the texture is the way to do it.
  2. Hawaiian-inspired Design isn’t too difficult to achieve. Things to remember this key elements: handmade original ornaments and accessories, wicker furniture, bamboo and of course the signature bold prints of flowers. If you like Hawaiian Sun, sea and flora, you can combine these aspects when planning for the design of your living room.
  3. Modern Zen design is made to relax and take comfort in your living room. Long living room design ideas are quite popular nowadays especially for people who like to have a balance and comfort in their homes. Have a focal point in your living room and an accent to balance style is the main ingredient. Combining natural shades with open spaces and let in some natural light complete the Zen feel.
  4. Bring in a tropical style outdoor color palette. Lush green and yellow natural flora is just two of the most common colors you can find in the long living room ideas. Choose a color that is found naturally as the color of the trees, plants, flowers and fruits. Think of the tropical forest or the market is full of tropical fruits to inspire your design.
  5. Living room Victorian Style luxury and classy. You will usually find Victorian Style living room in the style of Victorian houses and hotels. The key here is classic, sophisticated style with a splash of color and texture, Victorian style living room talking about a luxury.

Whatever long living room ideas you have in mind, make sure that it will suit your needs and lifestyle. Be sure to consult from a designer who knows how to deal with a tight budget and in accordance with what you want. And always remember to choose a design that you will enjoy for a long time.

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Long living room ideas with fireplaceLong living room arrangement ideasLiving room ideas apartments picturesLong living room decorating ideasLong living room layout ideas5 popular long living room ideas

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