Minimalist Home Interior Painting Tips

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Minimalist Home Interior Painting Tips – Well for those of you who are too bored with the atmosphere of your home, you can also design your home more comfortable with new themes such as decorating the walls with interior painting. You also do not need to bother to invite the services of painters, and to save costs you can also do it yourself. You also can do with your family when fitting their holidays so that they can help you, and below for one of them to paint the correct way to design your new themed wall so that the interior of your home can be much better again than the previous theme.

Here are 6 Tips on Interior Painting for Minimalist Home

  1. Clean the wall

For the first step you have to really prepare and also clean the walls of your house from the dirt so that paint will stick better to stick. Most importantly the walls must be kept clean from various fungi present in the wall.

  1. Protect the part that does not want to be painted with duct tape

Now for the second step you can also limit the room with a variety of materials such as paper or duct tape so that other goods can be protected and not be tainted from the paint that will stick.

  1. Close the cracks in the wall

So for this one you also do not ignore. If the walls of your house have cracks or scratches that would lead paint cannot be perfect. Due to cracks in the walls of these things you should be closed before the new cement in new sandpaper and then you can start the interior painting.

  1. Use a small brush on a narrow section

Now for how to paint in a narrow part you can also use a small brush so that you can narrow the gap that looked at the wall, Such as cracks in the corner, or around the door frame or window.

  1. Use a zigzag movement method

Well for this special paint trick, you can also do with a zigzag manner. This painting trick is very difficult for those who have never done it. You should try it on a small section of the wall first. If you have mastered this trick, please proceed to the wider walls.

  1. Repeat if necessary Painting

Well if you want to get a better paint color you can do for repainting. Usually the painting would be great if we repeat the painting up to 2 times. It will look more neatly and evenly for the interior painting.

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