Glass Kitchen Counter tops to Modernize Your Kitchen

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Glass Kitchen Counter tops to Modernize Your Kitchen – Glass has been a popular item on tile walls for years, but is now being used for kitchen countertops. Glass of the day means more than just windows. Kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular for kitchen remodeling and are looking for slim, modern, attractive and new materials. Glass is used as a kitchen table because the homeowners see it as pretty and stylish. Custom glass tables can give contemporary kitchen a great view. Glass kitchen countertops provide non-traditional design elements as well as light and sophistication to any kitchen.

As a highly polished, and non-porous surface, glass kitchen countertops offer a variety of design possibilities, especially in the choice of shapes, the edges of detail and texture are virtually unlimited. The fact that it’s non-porous means that it’s stain-proof and hygienic. Glass kitchen countertops are intact so there is no stitching. Glass kitchen table can also take hot pot. Glass provides a special shape and function. Kitchen table glass can be personalized with regard to texture, color, or with embedded art. Glass can also be combined with textured stainless steel in creating a unique kitchen table design.

Glass kitchen countertops are heavy glass in pieces that range from ½ 1 inch in thickness. The most popular glass thickness is ½ inch and ¾ inches. 3/4-inch glass can weigh about 10 pounds per square foot. Kitchen table glass is available in different textures created by one of three types of surface treatments: Sandblasting glass mist or to produce patterns into it. Deliberately destroy the laminating glass between layers of clear glass. Slumping glass with glass melting into three-dimensional is special patterns or embossed forms.

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Natural color glass kitchen countertops a little green to create a translucent color behind the colored glass. More opaque colors are created by adding opaque layers on the back of the glass. Kitchen table glass can be installed in different ways to create certain visual effects. When it comes to hot glass kitchen countertops can take heat up to about 700 degrees without cracking, although it is a good idea to use trivets and other protections.

The kitchen table glass has a heavy tensile strength that allows it to withstand large amounts of weight. However dropping heavy objects such as a pot or kettle can cause it to chip, break, or even destroy glass. If the glass table breaks it has to be replaced as it is not just irremovable. Table glass is prone to scratches, and fingerprints. Watermarks can appear on smooth glass surfaces so they should be dry towels. To keep glass countertops in optimal condition is necessary to keep the service dry after it is cleaned to prevent Watermark. It is possible to have glass kitchen countertops without making the main surface glass by simply using glass to accent the counter.

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