Small Bathroom Ideas: Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

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Small Bathroom Ideas: Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look More Spacious – There are many small bathroom ideas to make a small bathroom look more spacious. Spacious bathroom is a dream for everyone. The bathrooms are spacious also makes its occupants feel at home and comfortable. You can do just about anything personal. The bathroom is not only used as a place to cleanse the body but also to do other activities in it, Such as bathing, reading, listening music, looking for inspiration for those who like to write, and the place to indulge.

Tips to make a small bathroom look more spacious

Certainly not all homes have a spacious bathroom like in five star hotels or luxury homes. But there are some tricks to make your minimalist bathroom look more spacious. The main key is in choosing colors, furniture and the use of lights. Therefore, consider easy ways to organize the bathroom below.

Here Are 6 Small Bathroom Ideas That You Can Use

  1. Attach Large Mirror

Large mirror can make the room more spacious effect. Apply to the bathroom, how to install a large mirror in the area that became the focal point of your bathroom. For example near the door, near the sink or beside the tub.This small bathroom idea will make your bathroom look spacious.

  1. Select the Color Floor Light

We recommend that you choose a bright color or pale colors for the bathroom floor, such as white, off white, baby pink, baby blue or beige. The bright color of the floor will give the impression of spacious and comfortable in the room.

  1. Wall Color Bright
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As well as the floor, also select the color of the wall paint with light and pale colors. If you want to give a motive in the wall, you should select a motive is not too full. You simply apply the motive is only in certain parts, do not give it all over the walls.

  1. Frame Window Color

If your bathroom has a small window, then you can choose the color of the frame which tends to be dark. This is to make room around the window look more spacious.

  1. Election of Lights

Use fluorescent lamps with radiant white light and bright. Light bulb with orange light beam will make the room look dingy and cramped. In addition, using fluorescent lights will also be more energy efficient and durable.

  1. Reduce Placement on Wall Shelves

The last on small bathroom ideas is, too many placing furniture and accessories on the walls can make a room look more cramped. For the arrangement of the bathroom, you should avoid placing racks, towel hangers, soap or a display on the wall. You simply use a cabinet or closet to put your toiletries.

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