The Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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The Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets – You have been shopping for kitchen cabinets and have been satisfied with the selection of big box stores and imported cabinet dealers? Perhaps also you should really take a close look at considering guild custom kitchen cabinets as an option for your kitchen remodel project. Here I will discuss some advantages of custom cabinets and disadvantages of stock cabinets.

Kitchen Stock Cabinets Advantages & Disadvantages

Do kitchen stock cabinets? Kitchen stock cabinets are cabinets that are pre-built to a certain size and then resold by cabinet dealers. Stock cabinets are usually produced in 2-inch increments. In the basic of some kitchen layouts like L shaped kitchen you can pull out cabinets without much trouble. But what do you do when you are fitting a cabinet between two walls? Well in this case the cabinet agent can provide you with filler pieces to pick up any big gaps that will happen eventually by using cabinets built in 2 inch increments. Pieces of the cabinet filler can be cut to fit the remaining relative good gap.

The main drawback with kitchen stock cabinets is the incremental size but also the quality. Though as with something lower for mid range the stock price of cabinets is usually made of thin material and has economic hardware such as ward closet doors and drawer slides. There are several advantages with using the very first stock cabinets that come to mind is cost. Since stock cabinets are mass produced they can be quite affordable. Another advantage is speed, in most cases dealers have access to large warehouses where cabinets are stored, and you can have stock cabinet orders within a few weeks or in some cases of the day.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Advantages

Custom kitchen cabinet is a cabinet that built only for kitchen layouts, design tastes and your needs. Custom kitchen cabinets can be built easily to fit between two walls or to adjust a strange angle, something that is not possible with stock kitchen cabinets. There are many advantages with custom cabinets that cannot be had with stock cabinets. The advantages that are at the top of the list are options. Since a custom cabinet maker will produce your new kitchen cabinets you can have them make almost any style imaginable. You can also have them produce cabinets that are in rare or exotic forests. You can also have a much larger selection of cabinet doors and Front drawers.

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Some of custom kitchen cabinets makers choose to outsource their door and Front drawer, in which case they will usually have a very large Catalog of doors for you to make your choice. With custom built cabinets you can choose the type of hardware such as door hinges and drawer slides. Most currently opt for hinges and drawer slides with soft close features. It is not only very popular but I would not be surprised if this became standard in the next few years.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Fees

Most people want to know how much more custom kitchen cabinets will cost compared to stock cabinets. It’s almost impossible to answer with any degree of accuracy. The true truth of the matter is that custom cabinets will cost more that the line is lower than stock cabinets. But we have seen custom cabinets become very competitive with mid to higher stock closet ranges. Despite the higher price of custom kitchen cabinets it is almost always worth the extra cost. Cabinets are built in more solid mode as well as most custom cabinet makers will use ¾ inch thick cabinet case materials, not getting much stronger than that. All store cabinets will have different prices, so we suggest you always compare the exact same kitchen design from store to store for the most accurate estimates.

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