Tips for Choosing Ceramic Tile Flooring in Minimalist Home Design

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Tips for Choosing Ceramic Tile Flooring in Minimalist Home Design –┬áMinimalist design will looks perfect if there is harmony between home paint colors and furniture in it. Not only that the selection of motifs, colors, and models of ceramic tile flooring, is one of the factors that you should consider, which determines the minimalist beauty in your home. Ceramics not only beautify, but also will increase the impression of simple and glamorous at your residence.

Ceramic tile flooring ideas

In choosing the ceramic there are several things to note are: color, size, style, and also its shape. There are a lot of tips in choosing the right tile for your home, but it did not become a fixed rule, because you can own the creation of home design as you wish. Here we present some tips.

Choosing the Right Ceramic Tile Flooring

Select ceramic tile flooring according to your needs and functions. For the inside of your home can choose ceramic smooth, this will provide comfort and security. And for part of the patio and a bathroom you can use a little rough ceramics, because on the terrace and the bathroom is often exposed to water. So that when exposed to water, the floor will not be slippery and do not make people slip.

Size of Ceramics

Before determining the color of ceramic floor and buy it, you should pay attention to the size of the ceramics. Ceramics size can accord your taste. Tile size that fits very important, so spacious house that is not too big not impressed increasingly narrow. Large-sized ceramic is recommended for use at home minimalist limited extent. Large size ceramic on floor of the house will give the impression of home feel more spacious than it actually is.


Ceramic material considerations you, expensive price is not a guarantee that a ceramic fitting for your minimalist home design. You also have to take into account aspects of durability tiles you use to suit his needs in order to work for a long time. And besides that, also, the ceramic material is also very influential on the treatment. Of course, also the price of ceramic tile flooring for minimalist home with good materials will be more expensive slightly.


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You need a ceramic texture different in the living room or bathroom, ceramic similarly to the bedroom and kitchen. For floor family room, bedroom or living room, you can also use glossy ceramic. Finely textured ceramic glazed certainly convenient to use to lie down or relax. But on the bathroom floor or kitchen, you should not wear the same type of tile that you do not slip because of the slippery ceramic surface, use a ceramic that was rude / non-glossy (smooth).


Ceramic color will also affect the artistic value as well as a minimalist style that you want to highlight. Determination of ceramic colors in a minimalist house itself should be adapted to paint the walls or furniture there. A blend between the floor and wall color at the same furniture that fit will produce a unified whole. To look harmonious, if you do not want your house look monotonous, you also may utilize different colors of the walls and floors you, which should be remembered also that the color of the floor tiles must not be too contrasted than the color of furniture or walls. Light-colored ceramic floor but soft is recommended for a minimalist home.


Besides color, the selection of ceramic motif also needs your attention. In order for a minimalist effect more pronounced for your home, it is better to use ceramic tile flooring patterned simpler. The style is too complex for ceramics and more dominant may decrease minimalist impression on a house. If you choose ceramic motif for minimalist home, always choose ceramics in tune with the color of furniture.

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